Dinner Among Five People on 26th May, 2019

Created with Sing Hang Samuel Tam.  

This is the 2nd edition of ‘Dinner with Five People on 26th May’. 

Five years after the Umbrella Revolution, a three-month long pro-democratic demonstration took place in Hong Kong, where questions arise: What do young people think and feel about Hong Kong? How do they see the world, themselves, and the future of the city? In mid-2019, Hong Kong underwent another political chaos when the Chinese-appointed government decided to propose an extradition bill to establish a mechanism for transfers of fugitives for Taiwan, Macau and China, which are not covered in the existing laws. 2 millions of protestors went on the streets hoping to force the government to withdraw the proposal.

Sam and I decided to redo this piece on the same date two years later. ‘Dinner with Someone on 26th May 2019’ is a video that documents a dinner among five young adults in London. During the meal, they talked about their past, current, and unforeseeable, imaginative future.

The 1st edition of the work,  Dinner with Five People on 26th May, 2017‘ was first exhibited in Network by Rage Collective, at MOVEMENT Worcester, United Kingdom. The 2019 version of the work was first exhibited at Royal College of Art, London during the Master of Research Degree Show as part of Samuel’s graduation project. 

The video is conducted in Cantonese.
For full Chinese or English translations, please refer to the transcript.

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