Map 1

Map 1 is a screen-printed project with 10 layers printed on the same surface created over a period of a year. It is a visual diary that explores the idea of change and movement that happened geographically and occurred over time. Maps have always been a tool for me to understand my heritage. The fundamental element of the work is a vintage map from circa 1900s. The practice of using colours to show ownership in map-making was very common back then. Born in colonial Hong Kong and growing up in post-colonial Hong Kong, I have always been interested in how different maps show my hometown differently - a city could be purposefully indicated in various ways depending on who created the map and when it was made. When creating this piece, I first drew and wrote responding to the ‘factual’ information on the map. Later, I went back to add more notations on top of the previous layer every few weeks. I was having conversations with myself by intervening my old writings. It was when I had just moved to London, undergoing a period of instability, trying to get used to this new city and phase of life. My notes also reflect how my life and mental state have changed over time. 

Map 1 was exhibited in several exhibitions including Hold Your Horses at CGP London (Mar 2018), My Big Orchid at Safehouse, London (Mar 2018), the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair at the Royal Arsenal, London (Nov 2018) and Inside Job at Tate Modern (Aug 2019). It was also part of my solo show Navigating Through the Sea of Grids took place in Marseille, France in Sep 2018. 
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