Notebook (about freedom) 

First exhibited in Bapor Tabo(o), a one-day moving exhibition as part of Art Licks Weekend 2017, on 30th Sep 2017 in London, which the Rage Collective has participated in. 

Notebook (about freedom) is an ongoing project I started in Sep 2017. In August 2017, 13 activists and 3 former student leaders, who participted in different pro-democratic protests three years ago, were sent to jail for six to thirteen months after the Hong Kong government appealed their sentences and pushed for tougher, harsher punishments. Since then, I started documenting my thoughts on what freedom is, and what does it mean to lose our freedom. 

A clean bed sheet as a metaphor representing an absent family member. To pay tribute to the 16 teenagers who lose their rights and freedom, I am writing notes on ‘Freedom is ___________.’ continuously on a daily basis, until the day they are all released. 

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