Sea TV is a video work developed by Jun Wang and Bonnie Wong for PLAN8T, an art space in Changsha, China.

Having grown up in different coastal cities, ‘the sea’ has been a deeply rooted natural element in the formation of both of our self-consciousness. When we left the comfort of our cities and began new lives in a foreign cultural environment, we could not help but notice ‘the relevance to the sea’ has already become an inseparable part of our self-identity. Through this challenging yet enriching meditative process, we realised that ‘the sea’ is a collective memory to some, as much as it belongs totally to the personal; its symbolic presence transcends scales and bodies.

This series of work began when Jun first discovered that the tide times by the Thames are exactly opposite of that in Qingdao. The sighting of the Thames’ water level has ever since then prompted an immediately imagined sighting of ‘the sea’ from her Qingdao home. The imagery of the sea truly transcends time and space, creating a ‘shared moment’ in our subconsciousness, as an emotional vessel that connects while also break through geographical boundaries, an ever-changing state of being.

As such we ask, ‘what is the sea like?’

We created this work - Sea Tv for PLAN8T's Digital Humanity online residency and exhibition, the works are exhibited in the form of a website with a virtual analogue network satellite TV, with 5 channels in the initial stage. For more info about the residency, please visit