The Future Eye Chart 

‘Toolkit for the Future’, ‘Look!’ and ‘The Future Eye Chart’ is a group of works that consist of prints and installations. By looking through aged apparatuses that relate to optics, including a pair of binoculars and a set of eye examination lenses, the presented works invite the viewer to interact with its different components that suggest an ambiguous, indecisive, imaginary view of the future. The centrepiece of the installation - the prints, are modifications of found printed materials. Through looking into the fundamental scientific and trustworthy nature of mass-produced prints, and its primary function of distributing ideas and sharing knowledge, the work ultimately prompts the question of what we believe in, and what the alternatives are. In addition, the set of works interrogate the artist’s hometown, Hong Kong’s colonial history, but it also portrays how the city’s identity and future are constantly challenged.

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