They Say. I Say.

They Say. I Say. tells a story about a kid who experiences the world differently. The story portrays how the world is seen and sensed uniquely in the eyes of children who are considered hyperactive and with attention deficit. It invites the audience to understand and experience this very special, colourful and beautiful world with empathy.
The phrase ‘They Say, I Say.’ shows the conflict between what a kid constantly hears from the world, which contrasts the voice she hears inside herself. The storyline and text are inspired by my own experiences. Growing up had been a constant struggle and battle. It is a mixed experience of facing adults’ expectations, knowing how I am different, hoping to be normal and overcoming these conflicting thoughts.

Printed at Hato Press and the Royal College of Art in 2017. They Say. I Say. is printed by Risograph in 9 colors. The cover is screenprinted. Editions of 50.

They Say. I Say. was selected to be part of Book Project International, took place in Oct in Marseille, France.