Yau Ma Tei Documentary

I grew up in a background learning that this beautiful city was the result of our ancestors’ hard work. My parents and grandmother used to tell me about Hong Kong’s golden age, when everyone works very hard to build this city and all the communities with pride and honor. A time, which, hard work pays off, people cherish traditions and social ties.

Growing up at the neighbourhood of Yau Ma Tei, I was able to observe it closely and developed strong bonding with this decaying yet beautiful district. Economic and social developments have become the main forces that sculpt the city. They affect how people live and interact. They also alter the landscapes of neighborhoods. Rent has become unaffordable to many locals, traditions and old buildings have been torn down and replaced by shops that no longer aim at serving the community.

In this documentary project, I hope to record those that might soon be part of the Yau Ma Tei history, and to invite the audience to think about the idea of community and development.

Yau Ma Tei Documentary was first exhibited at Pitt Street 18, an experimental shared space located at the center of the Yau Ma Tei neighbourhood. It is a space funded solely by donation and shared by members of the community where people can use it freely with any purposes. It becomes a shared gathering spot where people meet, relax and share ideas. The project is also exhited at The Mahjong, a boutique hostel located at To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong. 

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